Labrador Clothing Co. offers quality mens shirts with Black, Chocolate and Yellow Labradors embroidered on them. These shirts are for Labrador lovers and all dog lovers who appreciate what it is to be a Lab Lover. Stoic and playful, dependable and lovable, labs are members of our family that we love for a lifetime.




Cassidy is our 11 year old yellow labrador. She is something else.Hard headed, stoic and very lovable.  

Cynthia Anderson



Cynthia, has been in business for herself since 1983. Along with Labrador Clothing Co. she has an Antique store, Southwestern Elegance and a high end ladies boutique.  

Kyle D. Van Hoozer

Marketing Manager


Kyle joined Cynthia in 2010 managing her shop and has been working alongside her ever since. Labrador Clothing Co. is a new adventure he and Cynthia are teaming up on.